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The manor house 

     The manor house was built in 1643 in the renaissance style and is connected with the name Máriássy family. In 1770 – 1775 the manor house was rebuilt in rococo style In the year 1933, the rest of the Máríássy´s properties was bought by Alexander Wieland. In the year 1945 the properties together with the manor house was confiscated by state. In 1950 was adjusted for museum purpose. From 1959 until 1984 it served as furniture museum. After the reconstruction works was in 1994 installed an new exhibition of historical furniture .The furniture exhibits are enriched by a large number of exhibits from applied art,  articles from art history, porcelain and glass from Viena, England, Holland , France and collection of garments. The exhibition shows the development of furniture styles in different periods. On the first floor is exhibited furniture from Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire, Biedermeier period. The last exhibition room on the first floor is called the conference hall of Csáky family where is furniture in neo gothic style. The ground floor of manor house is devoted to historicism /neo style/, the Art Nouveau style and furniture from the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibition is enriched by collection of pictures. The collection includes works by such remarkable painters as J. Rombauer , J. Czaucik, J.Muller,.J. J.Stunder. Of special interest is collection of pictures “Allegory of senses” from 18th century.

     The manor house stands in a French park with three graded terraces. A summer villa named Dardanelle stands on the highest of them.


The summer villa Dardanelle

     The summer villa at Markušovce, seat of the museum of keyboard instruments – is outstanding monument of Rococo architecture. The summer villa was built in last third of the 18th century by Wolfgang Máriássy . The reason for this decision was the planned visit of the Emperor Joseph second to the region of the Spiš. Finally, the visit wasn’t realised and so the Summer villa fulfilled a role of representative seat to now but emperors Joseph second finally decided not to come. Since 1984 is there exhibition shows keyboard musical instruments. The exhibition shows keyboard musical instruments made on spiš territory. Includes small organs, pianos, baby grand and  clavichord.  The exhibition of keyboard musical instruments concentrates on instruments made in Slovakia, especially in the Spiš region in second half 19th century. The principal representative room in the summer villa is the lounge on the first floor with wonderful frescos of mythological topics. The lounge also serves as concert hall. Occasionally, several of kind concerts of classic are arranged there. Regularly are arranged Christmas concerts which is very popular among local inhabitants.